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Ring TruckMaster bulbs for long life and durability

From Limerick to Lisbon, Cork to Copenhagen and Dublin to Düsseldorf; professional truck drivers criss-cross Europe day and night. This means it is key for truck drivers and fleet managers to have a source of lighting they can depend on that delivers long life and durability.

Ring’s TruckMaster Heavy Duty Long Life (HDLL) 24v bulbs have been specifically designed to withstand excessive vibrations which trucks and other specialist vehicles are subjected to.

Rough roads, pot holes and the vibrations they cause are a frequent cause of auto bulb failure.

TruckMaster HDLL halogen bulbs have been engineered to have a reinforced filament providing extra strength and robustness against vibrations. the incandescent bulb the filaments have an additional support to help reduce vibration wear.

TruckMasterHDLL 24v Bulbs are manufactured in Europe to OE (Original Equipment) specification and rigorously tested to standards set by truck and commercial vehicle manufacturers. However Ring also subjects the bulbs to further vibration testing and conforms to IEC60810 European Vibration Standard. The bulbs are mounted on a vibration platform to simulate driving conditions. The test is run continuously with the lights turned on and off.

Not just durable, TruckMaster bulbs offer superb long life. This is achieved through a combination of filament technology and the gas mixture inserted within the glass envelope to a high pressure. This helps reduce the rate of depletion of the tungsten molecules from the filament increasing life.

With HGV vehicle headlamps becoming more difficult and taking longer to change it makes sense to fit heavy duty long life bulbs.  This improved performance provides substantial cost savings against vehicle downtime and maintenance costs. Overall running costs are improved by simply fitting Ring Automotive TruckMasterHDLL bulbs.