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Rupes Niveus professional air purifier

Rupes Tools is well known and respected in the automotive sector for polishing surfaces in particular.

However, the company has used its expert technical knowledge to manufacture a new product, which could not be more relevant at this time.

Now, more than ever, ensuring clean air for staff and customers is a huge responsibility, so the Air Purifier that you use is really important.

The new Rupes Niveus Air Purifier is the optimal solution to maintain excellent air purification and create a healthy environment for staff and customers in populated indoor spaces.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Air Purifier can be easily installed and quietly operates in the background, providing valuable reassurance to staff and customers.

Abcon’s Sales Manager, Anthony Doherty commented: “Rupes’ long history of technical and engineering expertise has been applied to produce a new product that people can absolutely trust.”

Contaminated air passes through ULPA filters grade U15 which are made of fine mesh that blocks 99.999% harmful particles.

An UV-C sterilizer chamber sterilizes ultra-micro organisms and an activated carbon filter purifies the air before it is released into the environment.

For more information call Abcon’s sales team on + 353 (0)49 555 2340.