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Safely through the dark with Bosch automotive bulbs

Bosch claims to offer a wide range of powerful automotive bulbs for improved vision and increased safety for almost any vehicle.

Light tests of official institutions on Europe’s streets show a similar picture every autumn. There are still passenger cars and commercial vehicles with defective – sometimes even hazardous – lighting systems out on the roads.

Throughout the second half of the year, workshops should check the proper functionality and adjustment of automotive bulbs as well as the vehicle’s energy supply, according to Bosch.

Seeing well and being seen are prerequisites for safe and relaxed driving. The Bosch range of automotive bulbs includes the Plus 150 Gigalight, which it says provides up to 150 per cent more light, making it a suitable solution for anyone often driving at night.

Especially throughout the dark season, the extremely white, daylight-like Ultra White 4,200 K provides clear advantages, according to Bosch.

Due to its light colour of 4,200 Kelvin, Bosch says these bulbs ensure a high contrast and provide up to 30 per cent more light on the road ahead.

Bosch boasts that its automotive bulbs meet high quality demands and stand out for their high reliability and robustness.

Taking along replacement-bulb boxes, Bosch says car drivers are particularly well equipped. In this way, they always have a suitable replacement at hand in case one bulb fails while driving. It also ensures compliance with legal regulations. As the filaments get worn over time, it is recommended to replace the bulbs every second year – on average.

Automotive bulbs should always be replaced in pairs, no matter whether the replacement is done by the drivers themselves or by a workshop. Due to their very similar lifespan, the lighting performance of the second lamp is likely to decrease.

Replacing them both at once is not only easier, but also more economical. This also prevents asymmetrical lighting which might affect the vehicle aesthetics and other traffic participants.