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Sanitise with Uvonair

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic means vehicle cleaning and sanitizing is now more vital than ever.

It is essential that workshops use the right products to ensure that a vehicle interior is hygienically clean, not only for the safety of customers, but also to protect workshop staff.

The Uvonair 5000 Ozone System, available from BG Products Ireland, purifies the air in a vehicle, neutralises odours and kills bacteria and viruses. It will emit sufficient ozone for effective cleaning and sanitation, through a process that is safe for both staff and vehicle occupants.

Ozone destroys viruses (which are composed of small particles made up of crystals) by attacking the nucleic acid core, thus damaging the viral RNA. After the ozone destroys and purifies these particles, the ozone dissipates and reverts back to healthy breathable oxygen with zero harmful by-products.

BG Ireland says that since coronavirus is an enveloped virus, exposure to ozone may result in the virus’s failure to attach to normal, healthy cells, and the breakdown of the single-stranded RNA can lead to the destruction of the virus.

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