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Seal of approval for Loctite 5980

A new survey from Henkel, owner of the Loctite brand, reveals the regard held for Loctite 5980 flange sealant among car owners and repairers.

According to Henkel, the vast majority of survey participants rated the product five out of five in all three categories: quality, value and performance. The survey was conducted in conjunction with retailers of car spares and maintenance/repair services.

One satisfied user said: “Loctite 5980 is thick and tacky and sets to a semi-hard consistency. I use it on Chevrolet V8 engines, timing covers and oil pans. This is the product to use if you don’t like puddles under your car.”

Loctite 5980 is a flange sealant designed especially for gasketing applications. Typical uses include stamped sheet metal parts, such as timing gear covers and oil sumps, where good oil resistance and the ability to withstand high joint movement is required.

“I use it whenever I do a sump drop on my Saab; it never fails,” said one user. Another customer used Loctite 5980 on a rocker cover, describing the result as “perfect”, before adding: “I would give this product 11 out of 10 if possible.” A further user said: “We use this product regularly for sealing joints during engine builds – it works consistently.”

Along with excellent adhesive strength and suitability for applications involving large gaps, ease-of-use proved a clear trend among survey participants. Loctite 5980 comes in a ready-to-use tube and features a plastic screw nozzle for precise application.

“I purchased Loctite 5980 for a Ford Transit mk6 sump pan and it provided excellent, hassle-free application – it even comes with a key to wind it from the bottom of the tube,” explained one survey respondent, who added: “It did the job first time, creating a perfect seal with no leaks at all.”

Another said: “I used this on my flywheel cover, it was easy to apply, fast drying and great for sealing.” A further comment, again highlighting ease-of-use, stated: “Loctite 5980 was easy to control. It went on my oil sump great and stayed flexible long enough to bolt everything up. A leak-free joint was achieved easily.”

Although car users made up by far the biggest group of survey respondents, many motorcycle enthusiasts also took the time to participate. A good example is the owner of a Suzuki Bandit who had an oil leak from his engine casing.

“I removed the casing but snapped a bolt in the process,” he said. “So, rather than spending money on a bolt extractor and paper gasket, I purchased a tube of Loctite 5980 flange sealant. Hey presto, it’s been a couple of weeks now and no oil leaks. Fantastic stuff.”

Of course, there is no reason whatsoever that the many advantages of Loctite 5980 cannot be enjoyed across wider industry, and many users have already discovered this fact for themselves.

“This product is very good,” said one. “I used it on stainless steel water filter housings for an industrial AC plant.” Another said: “I used it to make a gasket for a compressor pump. Part of the gasket is constantly submerged in oil, but I’ve not had any leaks – none at all.”

Loctite 5980 is purpose-designed to exhibit excellent resistance to oil, as well as good glycol (antifreeze) resistance. In addition, this label-free product demonstrates leading health and safety features, making it ideal for use in the domestic repair and maintenance market.

Importantly, Loctite 5980 adheres to all kind of surfaces, including metals and plastics, as well as combinations of both, offering a service temperature range of -55°C to 250°C.