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Serfac expands Sonax range in time for car care season

Serfac Limited has expanded the range from leading German car care brand Sonax just in time for the start of the lucrative car care season.

New products include a recently-launched addition to the DIY Xtreme Ceramic detailing category as well as a comprehensive line-up of innovative bike care items.

Based on a recently-developed sealing technology, the top-of-the-range Xtreme series – Xtreme Ceramic Active Shampoo, Xtreme Ceramic Spray & Seal and Xtreme Ceramic Quick Detailer, is now joined by Xtreme Ceramic Polish All-in-One.

Serfac says all are revolutionary in terms of paintwork sealing technology and the Si-Carbon technology used in the formulas provides the highest level of hydrophobic effect (water beading) as well as making the car much easier to clean.

With the Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Polish All-in-One, the car care specialists at Sonax have raised the bar for effective and quick paintwork care. This innovation combines the properties of highly effective polishes with the gloss and protection of the latest ceramic sealing agents.

Cleaning and polishing the paint while protecting it and making it shine at the same time is now possible with the new Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Polish All-in-One, even if you don’t have the special skills of a professional. This paint-care innovation conceived by the market leader’s developers brings a deep shine even on stressed paint surfaces with product residues.

When used with the recommended ‘P-Ball’ polishing pad, the formulation achieves top performance and enhances paintwork that is weathered and superficially scratched or dulled. High-tech polishing agents are well suited for this: They work quite abrasively at the start of the polishing process, which makes them effective at smoothing out uneven areas. The polishing agents break down into superfine particles that produce a perfect finish with an impressive shine.

After just a short time, a radiant deep shine, a smooth surface, and an impressive colour boost can be achieved and the silicon-carbide-based sealing ingredients contained in the paintwork care formula reliably protect the paintwork for up to two months. The preservation that comes in the same application step repels dirt and moisture, and it has an impressive water-beading effect.

This new product from the Sonax Xtreme series has been optimised for washing by hand, but Sonax experts have found that experienced users can also apply it effectively with a polishing machine. It’s available in a convenient 500 ml bottle with a practical push-pull dosing cap.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer the fantastic new Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Polish All-in-One formula to our customers,” said Gillian Fanning of Sonax distributors Serfac Limited. “The Xtreme Ceramic products are innovative in that unlike classic formulations, they do not contain any wax – they’re based on a framework of compounds containing silicon.

““It’s amazing”; “The shine is blinding”; “Looks like my car has been professionally detailed”, are just some of the customer reviews we’ve seen online and with several members of the Serfac team having recently tried the products out ourselves on our own cars, we can safely say that the results are truly impressive! They’re easy to use too so perfect for regular car enthusiasts as well as professional detailers.”

Other recent product innovations from Sonax include a complete bike cleaning and maintenance range which has been developed in response to the huge spike in bike ownership over the past couple of years.

“We’re stocking a full range of Sonax Bike due to very significant growth in this category since the pandemic and this looks set to continue”, said Ms Fanning.

Please contact the Serfac sales team for more details.