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Sikkens launches Autoclear Rapid Air AS

In response to market demand for fast drying products, AkzoNobel has launched Sikkens Autoclear Rapid Air AS – its most adaptable clearcoat yet. An ambient cure clearcoat with flexible and fast dust-free times, it is set to boost express repairs, helping bodyshops cut energy costs and take on more dedicated fast repairs.

Rapid-Air-AS-copyThis unique product is a great solution for increasing your business flexibility through a separate express repair work stream. With fast dust free times at all temperatures Autoclear Rapid Air AS is an ideal clearcoat for cost effectively accelerating your express repair process and enabling you to increase both your variety and volume of work.

Frank Delaney, VR Sikkens Sales Manager UK, confirms “Autoclear Rapid Air AS delivers the kind of speeds bodyshops have been looking for. Making it easier for bodyshops to benefit from separate work flows it has good drying performance, both at room temperature and in the spray booth, which means painters are quicker to move to the next job.” What’s more, because Autoclear Rapid Air AS has superb ambient curing properties, there is the option of air-drying repairs. This frees up spray booths and reduces energy use.

“Increased drying flexibility is not the only way in which Autoclear Rapid Air AS can help cut costs for busy bodyshops,” Frank continues. “The dust-free times for this anti-scratch clearcoat are impressively short. At ambient temperature, just five minutes is needed; at 40ºC, three minutes are required; while at 60ºC the time is cut to two minutes. That means less polishing, saving bodyshops precious man hours and reducing costs even further.”

Developed as part of the ‘Creating TogetherTM’ campaign – Autoclear Rapid Air AS is highly resistant to abrasions and has a long potlife of up to four hours at room temperature, meaning less waste compared to other clearcoats. Plus, wiith fewer mixes painters can save valuable time.

Delivering increased throughput, new workstreams and improved efficiencies, Sikkens’ new express repair clearcoat is sure to be in high demand from bodyshops focused on saving time and energy without compromising on quality. And when combined with Sikkens Autosurfacer Rapid primer, it’s an superb solution for rapid repair techniques.

The Sikkens brand benefits from the technical expertise and experience of being part of the world’s leading coatings company – AkzoNobel.