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SIMI calls for mid year number plate

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) is calling on the Government to introduce a second registration plate mid year, which would have the effect of creating a second sales peak in the year, which would maintain and stabilise jobs.

“If there was, like in the UK, a second registration plate in June, the industry would now be gearing up for another busy sales period. But because of the current system, retailers now have to wait until next January, another eight months, for any potential improvement in sales,” Alan Nolan, Director General of the SIMI commented

“A second registration peak mid year would not only assist the Motor Industry but would increase employment, stabilise existing jobs, increase tax revenues for the Government and also add value to motorists’ trade ins.”

Currently, a car purchased in December is valued the same as a car purchased in January, a second plate will add value to those bought later in the year.

“Experiences in other markets indicate that the change in registration plate will generate extra sales and extra Government revenue. Applying this to Ireland, we would see Government revenues increase by over €20 million in the first year of the change alone.”