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SMART bodyshops reap rewards says Spies Hecker

Spies Hecker believes bodyshops must be equipped to embrace SMART repair opportunities in a competitive economy. Almost 30 per cent of all damage to vehicle body parts is minor and occurs on the lower areas of a vehicle. Complete panel re-sprays are generally too expensive for many vehicle owners and so damage is either left, or repairs are carried out by unqualified, cut-price operators. Spies Hecker offers its bodyshops the perfect solution with Speed Repair.

Spies Hecker Speed Repair basecoat
Dan Hartland, Spies Hecker brand marketing coordinator, says, “Speed Repair is a cost-effective alternative for repairing minor damage to paintwork professionally and quickly. It helps to create efficient workshop processes, boosts customer loyalty with lower repair costs, and opens up extra business opportunities.”

Spies Hecker advises the use of Speed Repair only in certain repair situations –  where damage is beneath the side moulding, around the sills, on vehicle corners and edges, and small areas around the openings for rear headlights or number plate.

Hartland says, “identifying minor damage is a major skill though. Training is vital, which is why we offer a dedicated course at the Refinish Academy in Stevenage for Speed Repair. The hands-on training demonstrates proven repair methods and passes along tips on how to carry out any minor repairs identified at the estimation stage efficiently and successfully.”

Spies Hecker also advises bodyshops to have a dedicated and specially trained SMART repair technician. Hartland continues, “bodyshops could maximise minor repair opportunities by having a nominated technician with the correct equipment and necessary space to carry out all aspects of the repairs. Approaching minor repairs in this way can make them a lucrative addition to any bodyshop’s bottom line. ”