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Soltec for sustainable and cost-effective waste management solutions

Soltec (Ireland) Ltd offers quality, sustainable and cost-effective waste management solutions, with tailor-made products that meet the specific needs of its clients, from single operator body shops to large scale industry.

Soltec’s waste management solutions are based on over 25 years experience working with companies in providing innovative, safe and compliant treatment options.

Recovery has always been a key part of Soltec’s mission, as Ireland’s only solvent recovery distillation plant.

The company prides itself on offering its clients this important service which includes toll recovery and the manufacture of paint-related materials such as standard thinners, premium thinners, and degreasing solvents.

From its EPA licensed facility in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Soltec operates a hazardous waste management facility which specialises in the recovery of waste solvents.

In addition to solvent recovery the facility offers customers a wide range of recycling, recovery and disposal treatment methods for hazardous waste.

Soltec is accredited to Quality Standard ISO 9001, is licensed by the EPA and operates under Environmental Management System ISO14001.

Soltec is committed to development in technology and professional customer service. This has allowed the company to have higher standards than the industry norm, which is to the benefit of its customers and the environment.

Ultrasonic cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning is a high-precision cleaning method which has applications in the automotive, precision engineering, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

Ultrasonic cleaners use sound wave technologies to penetrate and vibrate away carbon, glue, oil, or paint deposits, both internally and externally. This technology has the capability to reach ordinarily inaccessible areas, such as carbon deposits built up inside of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) or EGR valves.

The ECO-Sonic 650s is an ultrasonic machine designed by Soltec to use its SDO9 engineering fluid to its maximum capability. This machine is fully automatic with a large basket size of 550x270x240 cm.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology paired with precision compliant engineering fluid has the ability to reduce cleaning times from hours to minutes.

Spray gun cleaners
Soltec (Ireland) Ltd is the Irish distributor for the award winning Unic range of Spray Gun cleaning machines.

Robust construction, featuring air extraction, stainless steel wash tanks and brass distribution bars, makes the unit suitable for both solvent and water based cleaning agents. A powerful air operated, diaphragm pump delivers up to 20 ltrs/min with an air input pressure of 40-100 PSI.

This ensures a high volume of solvent is delivered through the spray jet nozzles and optimises the cleaning performance.

The new Easy Locate system (patent pending) is now available to customers (on the ‘006’ range only). It has never been easier or quicker to position a gravity fed spray for automatic cleaning and at the same time protect fluid ingress into the air side of the spray gun.

From the basic unit to the top of the range, quality components have been used to give professional painters the operational choices that enables them to clean their spray guns efficiently.

IBC cleaning service
Soltec (Ireland) Ltd can now collect intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for reconditioning, where they will be doubled washed and pressure tested, just like new, before being delivered back to the customer.

Soltec can collect up to 52 IBCs any where in Ireland, north and south.

For more information contact Soltec (Ireland) ltd. on +353 (0) 44 93 35133.