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Soltec offers effective ultra sonic cleaning

Soltec (Ireland) tells us it offers garages a way of effectively cleaning away carbon deposits that may have built up in key engine components over the past 12 months.

With vehicles experiencing limited running times due to lockdowns, many engine systems have seen a build up of carbon deposits in key components, such as DPFs and EGRs. This can not only effect performance, but also cause serious engine damage.

Soltec’s ECO-Sonic 650s Ultrasonic Cleaner is said to be the simple solution in being able to effectively clean away deposits, offering garages huge time saving potential on repairs, as well as potential new revenue streams.

The cleaner uses sound wave technology to penetrate and vibrate away carbon and oil deposits in a variety of components, not just DPFs and EGRs but also camshaft bearings, starters, alternators, injectors, pumps and pipes.

It is safe, fast and economical with its advanced technology cleaning both internally and externally, according to Soltec. This means it can clean normally inaccessible areas, with no disassembly is required.

This machine is fully automatic and can be set at different cleaning cycles. It also sounds an alarm when the cleaning cycle is complete. Its large basket allows multiple parts to be cleaned at once.

The machine can use any water based cleaning fluid, including brake cleaner. The water based solution can be heated up to 60 degrees centigrade which helps clean and offers a much nicer cleaning experience for the operator.

It also uses an advanced cleaning fluid which allows for sensitive parts such as electrical items to be thoroughly cleaned with no risk of damage and no residue.

Soltec says a limited number of great value post rental second hand models are now available on a first come first served basis and new units can be purchased or leased.

For more information call Soltec (Ireland) on 044-933-5133 or visit