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Sparkling Spies Hecker mixing tint for new colours

Spies Hecker has developed a new mixing tint for its Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 system and its Permahyd 280/285 ranges that has a brilliant glitter effect to match new OEM colours. Permahyd WT 304 Magic Sparkle Effect, contains a glass flake pigment to achieve a sparkling paint finish.


The new effect tint allows refinishers to carry out paint repairs on vehicles with the latest OEM colours that contain glass flake pigments. Permahyd WT 304 Magic Sparkle Effect mixing tint is currently included in the colour formulas of some OEM colours. Among these are the Audi LX5J Ara Blue, the Toyota 217 Starlight Black and Peugeot’s Dark Fire.

True to its name, Permahyd WT 304 Magic Sparkle Effect is characterised by its very pure sparkle finish, which is due to the thin, silver-coated glass flakes contained in a transparent basecoat tint. The flakes refract light and produce the impressive sparkle effect.

Increased brilliance thanks to a second clearcoat
“We have used the new effect paint for repairs in our Training Centre and achieved good results with standard application methods,” says Jörg Sandner, Spies Hecker Training Leader, Germany. Handling and application of the new tint is just as simple as for all other basecoat mixing tints and if refinishers want to increase the brilliance of the final finish, they can sand the clearcoat after application and apply a second coat.

In mixing formulas, Permahyd WT 304 Magic Sparkle Effect is indicated by the letter GF for glass flakes. The formulas containing the new tint can be called up using the Spies Hecker online colour search – Phoenix – with immediate effect and they are also included in the CRplus software update 3-2015. As this effect paint is only used in a very limited number of colours, it is supplied in small 250ml tins.

“The Permahyd mixing tint WT 304 Magic Sparkle Effect from Spies Hecker allows refinishers to keep pace with the times when repairing OEM effect paints and these small tins allow bodyshops to base their purchases on consumption allowing more economical usage,” Sandner explains.

For more information on the mixing tints, refinishers can speak to their local Spies Hecker representative or visit