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Special offer on Hella Gutmann Beamsetters

Beamsetter-SEG-IV-DLLXHella Ireland is running a special promotion on Hella Gutmann’s Beamsetter until the end of November.

Hella Gutmann’s SEG series provides the latest generation, powerful and professional aiming devices.

Depending on the version, operators can check and adjust the latest headlight systems from various manufacturers. Because of the different demands of various workshops Hella Gutmann offers several SEG versions.

For example, precision headlights require precise timing devices. In order to meet this demand and the increasing needs of the workshops that service these lights, Hella Gutmann, has Beamsetters that fulfill these high expectations.

Hella Gutmann’s SEG IV-DLLX version is currently on special offer, and there’s a free Hella Gutmann Garage Lamp with every purchase before November 30.

Call Hella Ireland on 01 862 0000 or order online at