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Spies Hecker develops Permahyd Hi-TEC WT Additive 6052

Spies Hecker has developed Permahyd Hi-TEC WT Additive 6052 to enable refinishers to achieve immaculate results, even in extreme climatic conditions.

Every refinisher knows that low temperatures and high humidity can be a real challenge, just as much as high summer temperatures and very low humidity. By introducing its Permahyd Hi-TEC WT Additive 6052, Spies Hecker makes it possible for refinishers to adapt the processing window according to the specific climatic conditions.

Dan Hartland, Spies Hecker brand marketing coordinator UK and Ireland, says: “In the UK and Ireland although we may not see excessively high or prolonged freezing temperatures, we do see extremes of humidity – from 60-70 per cent to around 30 per cent. This is the kind of drop you see when the spraybooth is warm after a bake cycle. Our new WT Additive 6052 prevents excessively fast flash-off and encourages uniform effect formation, making it ideal for most humidity levels; it is even suitable for larger paint jobs in so-called standard humidity conditions. Our Permahyd Hi-TEC users are already seeing the benefits of this additive.”

To further assist refinishers, Spies Hecker has also created a special poster to simplify finding the right additive for the prevailing booth temperature, humidity and size of repair. All Hi-TEC users will receive the new climate poster Hi-Tec 480 upon installation and posters are currently being sent out to all bodyshops who have already made the switch.