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Spies Hecker increases range of special mixing tints

Spies Hecker has added 21 mixing tints to its range of handy 250 ml tins, bringing the total number of tints available in this size to 32. Intended for tints that are rarely needed or only used in small volume, these small capacity tins make the dosage of materials much simpler and they are very economical for refinishers.

“The small tin size allows bodyshops to adapt their consumption of materials more accurately to the required volume of paint,” says Frank Barduna, Spies Hecker Head of Technical Service International. “This allows us to offer our customers a way in which to noticeably reduce expenditure on materials.”

Fantasy Gold, Magic Fire or Brilliant Orange – the new 250 ml tins make handling of these and other special mixing tints much easier. “The effect mixing tints in the smaller, 250 ml tins have a special feature. Before use, they only need to be lightly shaken by hand, so for these tins, we have removed the paddles fitted to the lids. The larger mixing tint cans will still need stirring on the mixing machine,” Barduna adds.