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Spies Hecker launches new all-rounder

From wet-on-wet surfacer to universal sanding primer, the Permasolid HS Vario Primer-Surfacer 5340 works on a huge variety of substrates.

This new high solids primer from the Spies Hecker Classic System has been formulated to be ideally suited to time-sensitive vehicle repairs.

“Whether you’re working on bare metal, primed new parts or are using a polyester surfacer, this new primer-surfacer will suit a wide range of different substrates,” says Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta Coatings Systems in the UK and Ireland. It is also compatible with nearly all conventional types of plastic if applied in conjunction with the new Permasolid Plastic Additive 9060.

“The new primer-surfacer is just as versatile in application,” Welling continues. “Refinishers can use it as a wet-on-wet surfacer or as a sanding surfacer. Both the available colour versions – pale grey and black – can be mixed to suit the basecoat colour. As it dries very quickly, Permasolid HS Vario Primer-Surfacer 5340 can promptly be coated with all current Spies Hecker waterborne basecoats – and it can provide outstanding gloss levels.”

The application properties of Permasolid HS Vario Primer-Surfacer 5340 are impressive. Wet-on-wet application in the bodyshop delivers good absorption of overspray, which is vital for high quality finishes. The new product also stands out for its good flow, easy sanding qualities and excellent adhesion. “And as a positive side-effect, this primer-surfacer can also aid corrosion resistance,” Welling concludes.

Whether a bodyshop chooses to air-dry, oven cure or use infra-red, the Permasolid HS Vario Primer-Surfacer 5340 may be the ideal product for every type of drying method.