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Spies Hecker launches Permafleet HS Primer Surfacer 4035 in white

Spies Hecker introduces Permafleet HS Primer Surfacer 4035 in white, which has been created for use with white topcoats, and to complement the existing grey shade for use with darker topcoats. It is a fully compliant, two-component, acrylic-based primer surfacer, designed specifically to meet the needs of the commercial vehicle sector.

As part of the Spies Hecker Permafleet system, HS Primer Surfacer 4035 can be applied over a wide range of substrates, including cured and sanded, galvanised steel, coil coated, plywood and glass fibre reinforced plastic. Thanks to its excellent corrosion protection, parts primed in a 60 micron thick dry film of the new primer surfacer can be stored outside for up to three months. This primer surfacer assists in lowering application times and has good vertical stability.

Dan Hartland, Spies Hecker brand marketing coordinator UK and Ireland, says, “HS Primer Surfacer 4035 is a good addition to our already lengthy list of Permafleet products. Our CV bodyshops rely on solutions which are both comprehensive and trustworthy so they can tackle any CV job, regardless of whether it’s a cost-effective two coat system or a higher quality three or four coat finish.”

Permefleet HS Primer Surfacer 4035 is available in packs of two five-litre tins and can be ordered with immediate effect from local Spies Hecker distributors. For more information on HS Primer Surfacer 4035 and other products included in the Permafleet range, please visit