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Spies Hecker Performance System – a complete repair solution

By conforming to manufacturers’ paint repair specifications, bodyshops who use a complete paint system offer a paint repair guarantee that may help them to attract more original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approvals and warranty work. Spies Hecker reinforces the necessity for bodyshops to use an entire system and discusses the benefits of using their Performance System in the attached press release.

Spies Hecker tells us that their Performance System offers bodyshops a simple, practical and dependable solution that meets the specifications required for OEM approvals and warranty work. By conforming to manufacturers’ paint repair specifications, bodyshops who use the paint system offer a paint repair guarantee that may help them to attract more OEM approvals and warranty work.

Daniel Hartland, brand marketing coordinator, Spies Hecker UK and Ireland says, “each car marque specifies certain product systems for warranty work while many insurers insist on repairs following manufacturers’ instructions. The entire system, from the putty to the clearcoat, is approved, not just individual products. As well as invalidating the warranty of the paint repair, non-specified products can affect the quality of the repair and the bodyshop itself may have to pay for the resulting re-repair.”

Every product in their Performance System is easy to apply, offers superior process efficiency and supports the day-to-day needs of bodyshops.

Permasolid HS Performance Surfacer 5320 provides a solid foundation for any repair. The innovative, acrylic-based surfacer stands out thanks to its high solids content. “This means refinishers need less material,” says Hartland. The economical surfacer provides excellent overspray absorption as well as good surface levelling. “The surfacer can be sanded quickly and easily after drying and can be applied in one to three coats. Its mixing ratio with Permasolid VHS Hardeners is 5:1,” he adds.

The next stage of their Performance System is the basecoat, Permahyd 480.  With short process times, the tried and tested basecoat delivers high opacity, dependable results and excellent hiding power and colour accuracy. It also provides simple and reliable blending and greater flexibility with interior, multistage and multicolour finishes. Permahyd 480 ensures first-class results for any painter with the right training.

“The new generation waterborne basecoat has a clear emphasis on practical benefits for the bodyshop: simplicity, flexibility and reliability are the underlying principles. Feedback from our bodyshops who use Permahyd 480 tells us that it helps them deliver outstanding business results,” he says.

There are two clearcoats available to refinishers in their Performance System. The first is Permasolid HS Clear Coat 8055. It is ideal for universal and flexible finishes. It is suitable for all types of repair including partial and full re-sprays as well as spot repair – with the addition of HS Additive 9034. Permasolid HS Clear Coat 8055 is simple and reliable to apply in one, one and a half or two full coats.

And with the addition of Permasolid VHS Hardeners, Permasolid HS Clear Coat 8055 adapts to different ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity and ensures optimal hard drying. Permasolid HS Clear Coat 8055 is also suitable for painting plastics with the addition of Permasolid Elastic Additive 9050, which elasticises the paint.

The second clearcoat is Permasolid HS Optimum Plus Clear Coat 8650. It offers simple application and extra-fast drying. It is designed for everything from standard repairs to Speed Repair. With the addition of Permasolid HS Accelerator 9025 refinishers achieve exceptionally fast results.


With a drying time of 10 to 35 minutes at 60°C metal temperature, Permasolid HS Optimum Plus Clear Coat 8650 boasts a wide variety of application options so good results are achieved even in less favourable conditions. By mixing it with Permasolid VHS Hardeners, drying time can be varied to allow even more flexibly – optimum through-drying is assured even in different drying conditions. This innovative high solids clear coat contributes to increased optimisation of the overall work process.

Hartland, says, “ultimately the Performance System is about empowering our bodyshops to optimise their processes, to increase their throughput and to become more attractive to work providers. Using the complete Performance System, coupled with the correct training from our experts at the Refinish Training Academy in Stevenage, our bodyshops will maximise their business potential.”