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Standox Calendar 2015: Colours made in Germany

The new 2015 Standox calendar is ready. Its title, Colours made in Germany, sums up the German refinish brand’s aspiration. The new calendar also underscores the brand’s commitment, since it was established in 1955, to car manufacturers, who carefully vet every refinish paint system before giving their approval, and to bodyshops, who need to be able to work effectively. German photographer Andreas Fechner deftly brings these characteristics, coupled with the high-quality, colour-intensive made-in-Germany refinish paints, sharply into focus to mark the brand’s 60th anniversary next year.

uwe carl
Fechner combines shots of world-famous German buildings with sporty cars in spectacular colours. He has chosen impressive backdrops, from the unique suspension railway in Wuppertal and the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, to Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, to create striking contrasts between old and new, and between architecture and automotive technology.

In order to show the bold colours of the vehicles to particular effect, the photographer has used an artistic trick. He has desaturated, or bleached out, the backgrounds of the images to make the cars stand out even more vividly. The contrast between the almost monochrome settings, which are devoid of people, and the vibrant car colours creates a distinctive atmosphere.

For more than 30 years, Standox has commissioned various internationally-renowned photographers to produce its limited edition wall calendar. The calendar can be ordered from the Standox web shop,, in the literature/poster section. System Tools Plus members will automatically receive their free copy soon, as part of their update programme.