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Standox clearcoat additive now 100ml containers

Matching special effect colours is a challenge for every refinisher. With these spectacular, eye-catching paint colours, gloss and depth deviations are particularly noticeable. And customers are likely to be especially critical when inspecting repairs to these vividly coloured finishes.


In order to ensure that these trend colours are repaired perfectly, the industry often uses clearcoats that have been tinted with special additives. But however important the additives may be, they are rarely used in day-to-day bodyshop work, and when they are, it is generally only in small quantities.

For this reason Standox is now offering bodyshops 100ml of seven clearcoat additives – KA670 Magenta, KA671 Red, KA672 Maron, KA673 Pale Red, KA674 Transparent Red, KA675 Blue and KA676 Glossy Red – instead of the usual 500ml. It’s a smart solution, as the smaller containers reduce material investment costs and are very easy to use.

They simply need to be shaken by hand, briefly, before application. These smaller containers also cut down on leftover paint wastage which benefits the environment. For further information, please contact your local Standox technical advisor.

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