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Standox colour line – here to help

Precise colour matching is an art that Standox takes very seriously, which is why is has a dedicated colour helpline to make sure bodyshops and refinishers always get the best results. However, it’s not just auto professionals that consult the colour line – members of the public call, and not always about their cars.

“Our colour line has had some pretty odd requests,” reveals Jodie Henly, Standox brand specialist. “Someone once called wanting colour suggestions for repainting their kitchen sink. Members of the public have also contacted us to colour match kitchen utensils and a business owner wanted to match their car fleet to the colour of their staff uniforms. Of course, these types of calls are quite unusual, and we always try to help if we can. We sometimes receive calls from individuals looking to match the colour of their classic or vintage vehicle – something we specialise in – but most calls are from bodyshops and refinishers who need help with colour formulas.”

The Standox colour line takes approximately 15 to 20 calls a day as well as handling emails from the UK and abroad. “OEMs don’t always give out formulas to refinishers, which is one of the reasons they come to us for help,” says Henly.

Another familiar problem faced by refinishers is colour variance. This can be a slightly different shade of a colour or when a standard colour has altered due to age or weather-related discoloration.

“Our colour line team will ask for the make and date of manufacture of the vehicle and search our extensive and constantly-updated database for the right match. Sometimes, if it’s not straightforward, we have to ask for the vehicle part to be sent in so that our colourists can take a look at it,” says Henly. “More often than not, we can answer the enquiry quite quickly, sometimes even going through the formula with the refinisher while he is standing in front of the scales.”

With the advent of the Standox online colour search facility and the recently launched mobile web application it is now easier than ever for refinishers to find the formulations they need online. “Over the past few years we have seen a marked reduction in the number of enquiries the colour line receives. However, there are still quite a few bodyshops and Smart repair centres who don’t have access to the internet for various reasons, such as those in very rural areas, so we’re a life line for them,” says Henly.

The Standox colour line is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm and the number is: 01438 734 714/5/6. For more information on Standox colour tools and services contact your local distributor or visit