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Standox embraces automotive challenges

Standox, the paint manufacturer from Wuppertal, Germany, sees bodyshops and paint shops faced with numerous challenges.

Olaf_Adamek_3“Increasing competitive pressure, the growing role played by insurers and new technologies all demand a flexible response from bodyshops,” says Standox EMEA Brand Manager Olaf Adamek. These challenges not only relate to advances in paint technologies and refinishing techniques, but also to advances in automotive engineering such as new propulsion technologies and intelligent driver assistance systems. These have caused refinishers to fear the loss of accident business over the medium term, according to Adamek. He recommends that bodyshops understand the introduction of such systems as an opportunity and rely on efficient repair techniques to address them. “Less severe accidents mean fewer total write-offs, resulting in more work for damage repair professionals,” he says.

In this difficult market situation, Adamek believes the key task for paint manufacturers is to provide bodyshops with exactly those products and services which enable them to deliver perfect results every time. But Adamek warns not to forget that the needs and requirements of bodyshops differ considerably. Large repair centres and those cooperating with insurance companies will put a premium on efficiency and the highest possible vehicle throughput, while others may attach greater importance to maximum application safety and easy processing. “Moreover, bodyshops’ requirements differ from country to country,” he says.

“Because of these different requirements, we offer our partner bodyshops flexible product systems which meet their specific needs,” Adamek explains. The Standohyd water-based paint system plays an important role and can be applied using the extremely efficient one-visit application technique.

In the field of colour management, Standox also relies on customised solutions. “We lead the industry in the development of digital colour tools, but we are aware that not all our customers want such high-tech devices in their bodyshops. This is why we continue to improve and to update our proven Colorbox system,” he says.

Standox will continue to bring highly productive and flexible, easy-to-use products to the market. Adamek says, “Currently we are working on a new clearcoat which will offer several unique properties and a primer that can be used on different substrates. “We support our customers not only with forward-looking products, but also with comprehensive consultancy services and training opportunities,” Adamek adds. “We have only just developed a modern e-learning tool, which will soon be available. It will allow refinishers to undergo further training on an in-house basis in line with the bodyshop’s time management needs.”