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Standox VOC Nonstop Primer Surfacer U7580 now available

SX_VOC_Nonstop_Primer_Surfacer_U7580_300dpi-copyWith immediate effect, the Standox VOC Nonstop Primer Surfacer U7580 in light grey and black is available in practical 250ml 2K SprayMax cans. The product inside the can is already prepared with the Standox VOC Plastic Additive U7590 and can be applied directly to all common plastic and metal substrates as soon as the hardener has been activated. The special SprayMax can technology makes it possible to diffuse two-component products with an aerosol. Thanks to constant atomiser pressure, the volume output is significantly higher than for traditional spray cans.

Ready to use from the SprayMax can, the Standox VOC Nonstop Primer Surfacer U7580 offers a speedy and cost-effective alternative to the spray gun when refinishing smaller areas of paint damage or sanded through areas. The spray can contains the original Standox material and the special spray nozzle ensures even atomisation. Experienced refinishers can easily obtain the same results as with the classic application with a spray gun.

Just like a classic wet-on-wet application, the primer surfacer in the spray can save several process steps when refinishing: pre-treatment with a primer surfacer or an adhesion primer, for example, becomes unnecessary because of the good adhesive properties and excellent filling density of the Standox VOC Nonstop Primer Surfacer U7580. And due to the outstanding corrosion protection it offers, even sanded through areas do not need to be pre-treated with a primer.