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Strengthen defences against summer storms with new wiper blades

As a leading aftermarket supplier of automotive parts and equipment, First Line Ltd. is reminding drivers and technicians to stay on top of the condition of wiper blades, even during months with typically better weather and road conditions.

“Wiper blades are persistently exposed to changeable weather and temperatures during the summer, and are the car’s first line of defence against sharp showers, bugs, road dust and grime,” says Alex Jarvis-Cleaver, marketing manager at First Line Ltd.

“Drivers and technicians usually consider winter the time to check, and replace where necessary windscreen wiper blades, but it’s something to bear in mind during summer too.”

The key signs wiper blades need replacing are smears and streaks on the glass, which are usually caused by cracked edges in the wiper blades’ rubber structure. Wiper blade rubber hardens in hot weather, and as the blade ages, it will start to skip across the glass, meaning they are no longer performing to the optimum level.

“Its important drivers don’t allow their wiper blades to deteriorate to the point where visibility is compromised. While summer brings hot and sunny weather, we’re also prone to sharp showers and poor road conditions just as in winter, so it’s not a time to be complacent!” Jarvis-Cleaver adds.

All Borg & Beck wiper blades are manufactured from 100 per cent natural rubber, with a liquid graphite coating that not only delivers a smooth, streak-free and silent operation, but has the additional benefit of providing excellent longevity.

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