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Denso develops new vision sensor for improved night driving safety

Denso Corporation has developed a new standard vision sensor that detects cyclists, pedestrians, road signs, driving lanes and other road users at night. Working in conjunction with a millimetre-wave radar sensor, the new vision sensor allows automobiles to automatically activate emergency braking when obstacles are identified, helping reduce accidents and improve overall vehicle safety. The

DENSO Wiper Blades paving the way for winter sales

With winter in full swing many motorists may believe they’ve adjusted to the darker evenings and icy roads, but at this time of years it’s more important than ever to ensure motorists are driving with high quality wiper blades, warns DENSO. Following one of the coldest December’s on record, many motorists could be forgiven for

DENSO Wiper Blades fitted to world-renowned Japanese Bullet Trains

DENSO’s innovative Standard Wiper Blade technology has been adapted for use on the world-renowned Japanese Bullet Trains, fitted as the Wiper Blade of choice for the lightning-quick trains. Using the same technology used in DENSO’s acclaimed aftermarket Wiper Blades, the DENSO blades have been adapted to fit the bullet train’s unique windscreen. The iconic bullet