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First Line highlights changes in steering & suspension components

Vehicle manufacturers (VMs) are constantly driven by the need to reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of their models, as well as increasing the percentage of the car that can be recycled. To achieve this, VMs have developed vehicle aerodynamics, lowered rolling resistance and introduced a large scale programme of vehicle light-weighting. The combined effects

First Line talks top strut mount failure

Top strut mounts and bearings have evolved from ‘Generation 0’, featuring a simple steel bearing in a steel beading, to ‘Generation 2.5’,which uses a steel bearing with integral upper spring and shock absorber support, made from sophisticated, premium quality plastic composites. Despite this transformation, top strut mounts and bearings are still susceptible to failure.

First Line for Electric Water Pumps

Modern, low-emission, high-output engines are designed to run within a very small temperature window in order to maintain optimum efficiency. This is controlled through the Electric Water Pump, which regulates the coolant flow dictated by the electronic control unit (ECU). When it comes to forced induction engines, additional cooling of the turbo/supercharger after the engine

For steering and suspension – choose First Line

When First Line’s Steering and Suspension range was introduced back in 1992, the 1,000 reference portfolio led the way in providing a comprehensive offer. Since then, the range has grown to over 8,500 references and continues to offer one of the most extensive and relevant premium quality ranges available in the Aftermarket. It’s not just