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Meyle control arms with HD slotted bushing kit

Defective rear control arm bushings on certain BMW models, usually mean one thing. The entire control arm needs to be replaced, which is expensive for the workshop and driver. According to Hamburg manufacturer Meyle, it now offers an economical and eco-friendly solution: comprising the pre-compressed, ready-to-install Meyle-HD slotted bushings and the corresponding installation tool. The

Meyle adds 14 full-service solutions

Hamburg-based manufacturer Meyle has added another 14 Meyle full-service solutions consisting of the stabiliser assembly and coupling rods designed in superior Meyle‑HD quality. For most of the new kits, Meyle is the only company to supply aftermarket customers. Outshining original designs, Meyle‑HD parts offer made-to-measure technical enhancements engineered to maximise part life and streamline workshop processes.