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Thatcham Helpline delivers rapid response time

Thatcham subscribers received more than they bargained for during 2014, with rapid Helpline response times enabling efficient, cost effective repair.

Premium and Essential package customers are now benefitting from an unrivalled response time on technical enquiries, with over two thirds of those using the Premium or Essential 24 service receiving a detailed response within 2 hours – well within the guaranteed 24 hours’ service.

Overall, nearly 100% of all enquiries were fully answered within the first response and with well over 300 enquiries processed every day that‘s no mean feat. “We’ve invested heavily behind the scenes in smarter processes and improved systems to ensure our helpline service response is absolutely second to none,” said Thatcham’s Head of Development Daniel Payne.

This is backed up by experiences at one of the UK’s largest repair networks, Just Car Clinics, who are benefitting from Helpline access across all 26 of their sites. Charles Dutton, Key Account Audit Manager at JCC confirmed, “Any specific method requests that we submit via the Thatcham Helpline are now achieving a much quicker response time, and the concise, clear and accurate information that comes back is essential to helping us meet the challenges of cycle time improvement and profitability.”

escribe subscribers are already enjoying instant access to methods covering over 80% of the UK estimating car parc. Now alongside a speedy and comprehensive helpline response Thatcham packages are providing the complete solution.

Senior Commercial Manager, Matthew Wright, said “Providing safe, quality repair methods to our customers as quickly as possible is a key part of the service we provide. We understand that a quick response means they can provide a great service to their customers in turn. This is just one of the fantastic services we have transformed in 2014 to support our bodyshop customers.”