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The development of an icon

The Hella name has been a mark of quality for more than 100 years. Success has been built on continual innovation and relevance to the marketplace. And like all great brands, Hella must move with the times.

Hella stands for new ideas, quality products and outstanding customer service. Over the coming months, you’ll notice that the Hella brand identity has evolved. The company is in the process of overhauling its logo and corporate design, creating a more modern and eye-catching look – but without discarding all that’s good about the brand. The new brand message of the automotive parts supplier Hella is called “Technology with Vision.”

“The new slogan expresses convincingly and precisely what Hella stands for, for more than 100 years – namely technological expertise, strong innovation, sustainability, and orientation towards the future,” says Dr. Jürgen Behrend, chairman and president of the company. “This outwardly visible performance promise reflects above all the employees’ own self-image. In addition, the double meaning of the word “vision” illustrates very nicely the roots of the company in the areas of ‘light and vision’ on the one hand. On the other, the slogan emphasizes the meaning of a forward-looking, responsible corporate strategy for our enterprise.”

In the automotive world, Hella is a true icon. Since its introduction in the mid 1920’s, the famous logo has become known across the world for new ideas, quality products and outstanding service. The current re-brand is only the second change in its history.

The new brand will make it easier for customers to understand the broad product range of today’s Hella. The original logo was unmistakably designed around the idea of a headlight beam. But, whilst the latest version retains a strong link with the brand’s heritage, it also reflects the fact that Hella is now a major player in diverse areas such as electronics and electrics.

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