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The perfect polish with Autopaint Supplies

Polishing machines are available in all shapes and sizes. Autopaint Supplies offers a wide range of Cartec polishers suited to the Irish commercial vehicle repair market.

Autopaint Supplies Business Development Manager, Ciaran Fox says: “Our Cartec polisher range includes Rotary polishing machines and Eccentric/Duel Action polishing machines – which machine is favourite completely depends on the user.”

The Cartec Rotary Polisher is a reliable and easy to use machine perfect for bodyshops and detailers.

With a powerful 900watt motor and a variable speed control (900-3000rpm), the Cartec Rotary Polisher is a quiet and comfortable polisher for when the job needs to get done. The product comes with a side handle and a Cartec soft backing plate.

The Eccentric/Duel Action polisher is driven by a weight in the front of the machine. This creates a range of between 12 and 21 mm.

“The advantage of this range is that each time a different part of the paint is touched, which makes polishing more egalitarian,” Ciaran says.

“This results in less hologram formation, the paint gets hot less quickly and the paint gets damaged less quickly.”

The ‘cutting effect’ is achieved by the polishing sponge holder that starts to rotate in the range of between 12 and 21 mm.

Ciaran says: “Without the right technique – pressing too hard, pad not straight on the paint – the polishing sponge holder can stall and the polishing effect is minimal.

“Nevertheless, with the right technique, pads and polishing paste you can achieve very good results with this machine as well.”

Autopaint Supplies says it provides a one-year warranty on all of its Cartec product range.

For more information on the Cartec product range contact Autopaint Supplies Ireland on 042 932 8317 or email