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Three new mixing tints for special OEM colours

To repair current OEM colours, Spies Hecker has introduced three new special effect Permahyd mixing tints: an extra-fine blue pearl, a turquoise pearl and a particularly deep black pigment.

New effect colours from car manufacturers, such as Kona Blue and Shadow Black from the current Ford range, need corresponding refinish solutions with identical pigments to allow refinishers to repair them properly.


The new Permahyd Mixing Colour WT 315 Extra Fine Blue Pearl contains blue flakes with a transparent flop. For the Ford colour Shadow Black only a small amount of the special effect tint is required to create the fine effect. In the right light a subtle blue can be seen in the black finish.

Permahyd Mixing Colour WT 316 Turquoise Pearl offers a highly-chromatic green-blue coated flake for an impressive colour effect. The rich dark blue of Kona Blue is replicated thanks to the addition of this effect mixing tint.

Both mixing colours can be ordered immediately. The small 0.25L tins are easy for refinishers to use and cost-effective. Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland, says, “The use of a stirrer is not necessary, since the new Mixing Colours WT 315 and WT 316 can be shaken just before use and measured accurately with the dosing lid.”

Both mixing colours can be used with Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 and Permahyd 280/285 basecoats. “These new mixing tints allow refinishers to achieve the desired colour saturation and they can quickly and accurately repair vehicles that are coated with these special OEM colours,” says Welling.

In order to achieve an even better effect for some special black OEM colours, such as Shadow Black from Ford, Spies Hecker has also introduced WB 809 Ultra Deep Black. This mixing colour is designed for use with the new Permahyd Basecoat 280 and is available in 1L cans.

The formulas containing these new mixing colours can be found online in Phoenix – the new Spies Hecker web-based colour search software. For more information on Spies Hecker products and services, contact your local distributor or visit