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TMD Friction hosts bodyshop owner’s Jaguar land speed record shakedown

An attempt to break the Jaguar land speed world record took a step closer as TMD Friction hosted a successful shakedown of Kevin Bourne’s Jaguar XJ6 Series III at its Seaton Ross site.

TMD Friction’s renowned Mintex braking brand is providing the stopping power behind bodyshop owner and racing instructor Bourne’s Jaguar for an attempt to break the world speed record for Jaguar cars.

The test was held at TMD Friction’s proving ground in Yorkshire, where Bourne was able to put the Jaguar XJ6 through its paces for the final time before the record attempt during Speedweek, held on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah from 6–12 August.

Bourne’s Jaguar, named Alfred, is running with Mintex brake pads and discs on the front and rear, which Bourne estimates has given him an extra 40 per cent of braking performance; this is crucial to getting the vehicle safely stopped from the high speeds covered in testing and during the record attempt run.

Kevin Bourne said: “The shakedown has been a great success. The braking performance of the XJ6 with the Mintex equipment on is incredible. It gives me full confidence we’ll get the car stopped.”

The Jaguar XJ6 Series III has an 8.8 litre, V12 quad-cam engine, and Bourne will aim to pilot the car to speeds in excess of 226 miles per hour over the seven-mile course on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, United States.

The car was hand-crafted with the engine build inspired by the legendary prototype Jaguar engine from their XJ13 Le Mans car that only three original examples of remain.

“Without the use of TMD Friction’s facilities we wouldn’t be going into the record attempt with as much confidence as we do. We’re very grateful for use of the site and it’s helped us understand the car and braking dynamics, and work out what final changes we can make ahead of Speedweek in Salt Lake City,” Bourne added.

Scott Irwin, MIMI, head of technical training at TMD Friction, said: “TMD Friction has always had a proving ground in the UK but recently moved to Seaton Ross. The facility combines research and development and a training area that delivers the latest technical training for our customers.

“The team at Seaton Ross develop and test new friction material there every day, so it provided the perfect backdrop for Kevin and Steve to perform their shakedown.”