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Top tips for Irish motorists ahead of mid-term holidays

With school mid-term holidays kicking off this weekend, an Irish roadside assistance company has some simple tips for parents to help avoid a potential motoring breakdown while on the road.

Allianz Global Assistance, based in Sandyford, Dublin, has compiled a ‘Motoring Checklist’ that encourages drivers to take some precautionary steps before travelling during the mid-term break, including preparations ahead of the changing of the clocks this weekend.    

Roland Hesse, the Country Manager for Allianz Global Assistance said: “With families perhaps heading off on a short get-away across the water or a ‘staycation’ during the mid-term, planning ahead is key in minimising the stress of car trouble during precious holiday-time.”

Allianz Global Assistance offers roadside assistance and tailored travel insurance packages including; insurance and protection against lost or stolen luggage, repatriation due to illness, medical and hospital expense coverage when abroad and reimbursed fares for unforeseen events.
“Basic checks, such as ensuring the oil and water levels are sufficient and confirming that the spare tyre is in good condition, will go a long way in avoiding those potential breakdowns. With the evenings due to become longer as the clocks go back this weekend, it is also highly recommended to check that all bulbs in the vehicle are in good working order.”

He added: “Bringing details with you of your roadside assistance and if abroad, travel insurance cover, and storing important telephone numbers in your mobile phone will also mean important information will be to hand in the case of a breakdown.”
Motoring check list:

- Check the battery in your car the night before you depart, especially if you haven’t used the car in a few days.
– Check oil and water levels
– Check that all bulbs are in good working order.
– Check that your spare tyre is in good condition
– Leave easy access to your spare tyre, just in case you get a puncture along the way.
– If you’re travelling with a heavier load (due to extra luggage), adjust tyre pressures, according to the handbook
– Make sure bike racks, tow bars and roof racks are all securely attached
– Pack the car well, ensuring bags or loose items won’t slide around your boot or backseats.
Avoid packing above the line of the seat backs, so the driver can maintain a clear view to the back window

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