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Training with Spies Hecker in 2013

Spies Hecker has introduced a new training course for 2013, focused specifically on learning to use the ColorDIalog digital spectrophotometer, and getting the most out of it.

During the one-day course, refinishers will learn how to take colour matching to the next level. Spies Hecker makes it possible to visually compare the measured colour with colour formulas from the database – right on the screen. Refinishers who use Permahyd® 280/285 or Hi-TEC 480 waterborne basecoat can inspect colours on the screen before spraying a sample panel and make any corrections if necessary. The colour is measured at the vehicle with the ColorDialog spectrophotometer and transferred to the CRplus software on the Colourtint PC System. The CRplus software searches for matching colours in the formula database. The measured colour and the suggested refinish formula are displayed side-by-side on the screen. If required, the system automatically suggests a correction to the formula and displays this suggestion on the screen as well. Once the refinisher is satisfied with the comparison, the data of the colour formula can be transferred to the electronic scales for immediate mixing.

Daniel Hartland, Spies Hecker brand marketing coordinator, UK and Ireland, says, “Spies Hecker believes training is key to keeping up-to-date with – or even ahead of – industry developments. Our aim is to help refinishers and bodyshops achieve the very best they can.”

The course is open to all refinishers with painting experience and will be carried out at the Refinish Training Academy in Stevenage. The courses are scheduled for 5 April 2013, 26 June 2013, 7 August 2013 and 28 November 2013.

Other Spies Hecker training courses at the Refinish Training Academy throughout 2013 include:

  • a two-day specialist paint course called 3 Stage Paint Finishes, a finish becoming increasingly popular with OEM’s. Using Permahyd 280/285 as well as the new Spies Hecker waterborne technology Permahyd Hi-TEC, the course is designed to showcase the correct application processes for these finishes while optimising a refinisher’s time and minimising bodyshop materials wastage.
  • a one-day Speed Repair course using Permahyd 280/285 or Hi-TEC to help enhance refinishers’ knowledge and ability to perform these potentially lucrative repairs
  • a two-day Colour College course to introduce refinishers to the benefits and best-practice of using the Spies Hecker digital colour management systems, to highlight the importance for correct colour matching and to detail the techniques used to achieve a first-class colour match
  • a two-day Product Training course to develop delegates’ skills and understanding of the requirements for waterborne refinish technologies
  • A two-day course to attain Paint Technician and Senior Paint Technician levels of accreditation. Candidates will have to pass practical assessments and on-line knowledge tests. Courses are run on a monthly basis throughout the year

Hartland says, “the highly experienced Spies Hecker trainers use proven, best-practice methodology to guide refinishers to right-first-time results on all our courses. The three stage paint finishes course is also part of a module for the ATA Senior Paint Technician accreditation; with more OEMs using these finishes it is essential for refinishers to be fully trained.”