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Trico urging motorists to change rear wipers annually

Rear wiper blades should be changed just as frequently as the blades at the front-end of the vehicle, according to OE manufacturer and supplier of wiper blade systems, Trico.

That philosophy is not always followed, though, according to Trico Senior Product and Brand Manager, Sam Robinson: “I’ve spoken to motorists in the past where their rear wiper blades haven’t been changed for five years! Therefore, there is definitely room for some education from both the motorist and technicians’ point of view, with the latter reaping the rewards.”

According to Sam, rear wiper blade sales account for just 10 per cent of all blade sales, so workshops should offer a comprehensive service check and choose a brand that offers an extensive wiper programme to cover the needs of the market and seize their opportunity to earn extra revenue.

Sam added: “Rear and front wiper blades should be changed annually. If not, aside from the obvious issue of impeding visibility, severely worn blades have been known to become damaged on metal or plastic components, which may damage the windscreen or cause the blade to disengage.

“There is an increasing number of vehicles with unique rear wiper blade designs. Although many blades look similar, they’re specially designed and manufactured, plus they’re specific in their fitment. The Trico Exact Fit rear blade programme, for example, boasts excellent coverage to accommodate the eclectic mix of applications.”

Indelibly marked with a yellow flash on the packaging, the Exact Fit rear blade programme contains 48 part numbers, all to OE quality, which provide even pressure distribution on the windscreen, are lightweight and protected against high UV. Trico also offers unique connectors that cover up to two different arm types with the same connector, thus reducing the number of stock keeping units necessary.

Sam continued: “The range of specialty blades are designed exclusively for Exact Fit rear applications. These blade types cannot be serviced with a standard conventional wiper blade and, instead, have various connection styles and blade types, such as plastic, beam or metal.”