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TRW ‘True Originals’ campaign highlights digital marketing

TRW’s ‘True Originals’ campaign has moved into the next round with advice to workshops on how to benefit from digital marketing.

Digitalization within the industry is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Statistics showing the rising amount of time customers spend online, and how online reviews influence purchasing decisions, should be taken very seriously.

ZF Aftermarket suggests that workshops adapt their communications accordingly. To help do this and, as a result, strengthen their businesses, the next episode in the long-running TRW ‘True Originals’ campaign looks at digital marketing tools and analytics. This is led by a short video highlighting the digital best practices of a forward-thinking auto repair shop.

To follow up, a series of thought-provoking and commercially useful essays are hosted on its web-based information hub and explain everything a workshop needs to know. By examining how various universal platforms work, the business shows how digital marketing and social media can be used to great advantage, particularly by those with a limited budget to increase sales and secure customer loyalty.

“By the year 2020, an entire generation, Generation C for ‘connected’, will have grown up in a digital world immersed in an online culture and well versed in social networking methodology,” explains Ben Smart, Global Marketing Director ZF Aftermarket. “Furthermore, figures show that by next year the average person will be spending 84 minutes a day watching videos online.”

As ZF Aftermarket continues to lead into the next generation of mobility, it understands how important it is that both current and future customers have fast and easy access to the information they need, on their terms. This latest phase of TRW’s ‘True Originals’ campaign will help to empower workshops and provide guidance on navigating an often confusing landscape to make a big impact.

This phase of the TRW campaign features Russ Stanley, Director of Revolution Porsche, Brighouse, UK. In a short video, Stanley explains how, as one of the first workshops to capitalize on digital marketing, he’s increased loyalty and seen impressive business growth since opening in 2011.

The video can be found on #Originalworkshops – an ever-growing hub of useful advice, tips, videos and more to help installers and garage owners to offer great service, work efficiently, promote themselves to customers and build a strong and successful business.