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TU Dublin installs Blackhawk Shark 3

The Technological University (TU) Dublin recently had installed a Blackhawk Shark 3 computerised measuring system into its body repair facility on Beresford Street.

Blackhawk says the Shark 3 is a computerised electronic measuring system that relies on ultrasound technology for “dramatic productivity improvements” and the industry’s “best speed and accuracy”.

The Shark 3 provides “measure-as-you-pull” functionality that virtually eliminates costly rework, according to Blackhawk.

The machine’s ultrasound technology collects measurements and tracks repairs. Emitters on the probes are attached to the vehicle at specific points and send ultrasonic signals that are received by high-frequency microphones located in the light-weight extruded aluminum beam.

As such, the results are compared to manufacturer specs and any problem areas are identified automatically. Blackhawk says this leaves the operator free to concentrate on straightening, not on how to collect measurements.

The Shark 3 is available in two models, the ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’. The former comes equipped with eight control points for live active measuring, while the Premium features 180 degree under-hood measuring accessories (1 MCP).

The Shark 3 Standard model features standard fundamental Windows program scheme for fast reliable results. The Shark 3 lets you view digital photos of attachment points to ensure reliable measurements.

Blackhawk says the Shark 3 offers operators the ability to customise damage and repair reports to meet insurance company requirements. Vehicle damage pictures can be added to the repair notes, allowing operators to build up a damage or repair unit estimate.

The system has no moving parts, which assists in accuracy and simplicity. It includes a premium tool box cabinet with standard casters with brakes and a wide screen 19 inch LCD display.

It also comes with beam wall storage brackets, frame rack measuring application brackets and a standard cabinet and beam cover kit.

TU Dublin will use the Blackhawk Shark 3 computerised measuring system in its bodyshop training facility, which is home to workshops and classrooms used for apprenticeships, undergraduate and specialist courses in automotive management and technology.

The facility is expected to be back to full capacity come September, when a new training syllabus will be introduced to students. This will cover areas such as four-wheel alignment, Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and electric and hybrid vehicles.

Theo English, who represents Car-O-liner UK in Ireland, is also responsible for the sales, service, equipment calibration and training for the Blackhawk brand. He can be contacted on 087 966 1320.