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Tyre damage the number one breakdown cause

A recent survey by mobility solutions and payment specialist Easytrip has highlighted tyre damage or tyre punctures as the main breakdown incident for almost three in 10 (28%) of motorists this year.

This was followed by exterior damage to vehicle (15%) and mechanical failure (11%). Other issues included electric vehicle battery failure, lost/broken keys, empty fuel tank or misfuelling.

Easytrip surveyed 6,000 motorists across Ireland as drivers prepare for the more challenging driving conditions of the winter months ahead. Penalty points increase, motoring concerns and standards of driving were also covered as part of the research.

Penalty points
Recent updates on the doubling of penalty points for 16 road offences came into effect in Ireland on 27th October. The Easytrip research asked respondents their opinion on which offences needed the increased fines the most, revealing the following as the top three:

  • Holding a mobile phone while driving (75%)
  • Failing to stop for a school warden sign at school crossing (51%)
  • Not wearing your seat belt (43%)
  • The offence for speeding came in fourth place with 38 per cent of respondents selecting it.

Motoring concerns
With cost-of-living challenges impacting the nation, respondents were also asked to highlight their main motoring concerns. This uncovered the top five concerns as:

  • Fuel prices (42%)
  • Cost of insurance (17%)
  • Poor road conditions (13%)
  • Policing of traffic and traffic incidents (9%)
  • Environmental impact of car emissions (6%)

Additional concerns included NCT test delays, car services costs, motor tax rates, delays in driving tests and cost of tyres.

Standard of driving in Ireland
As many motorists have returned to using their car more frequently earlier this year, Easytrip asked drivers their opinion on the standard of driving in Ireland; 77 per cent believed it to be “average”, one in five stating it was “terrible” while only five per cent claimed it was “great”.

Colin Delaney, CEO of easytrip said: “Our research has uncovered the key concerns for Irish motorists and likewise the most common breakdown incidents to look out for.

“By keeping a car in good road worthy condition, it not only makes it safer to drive, but it can also help to reduce drivers overall spending this winter.

“Taking a proactive approach such as – carrying out daily/weekly car checks, researching where the most competitively priced fuel is, taking the time to get a better car insurance quote when it’s time for renewal and planning your journey to avoid driving in poor road conditions can make a difference.”

He added: “With the clocks going back and darker mornings and evenings setting in, Easytrip want to remind drivers to be aware of other road users, be patient, keep your distance, use your lights and don’t drive when tired. Let’s get that perceived driving standard up from average to great!”