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U-Pol focuses on paint rectification

U-POL recognises that paint rectification may hold a different context to different customers.

U-POL-bottlesFor bodyshops working on insurance jobs the paint rectification is typically not funded by the work providers and there are the obvious time pressures that apply too. It is therefore important to keep this work to a very minimum and strive for a gun finish result.

On the other hand, to the passionate discerning customer who demands that perfect finish it may have nothing to do with time pressure but rather working the job until the finish is truly immaculate.

Accordingly, U-POL has a range of products that tries to satisfy these differing needs. Above all, U-POL advocates careful preparation and application techniques to prevent unnecessary costly paint rectification work.

The first step in correcting imperfections like dust and contaminants (de-nibbing) or removing orange peel is to sand the defect with a very fine abrasive. U-POL’s film disc ranges from P1000 to P2000 grit to deliver a super flat surface, especially when used in conjunction with a soft foam backing.

With a special stearate to avoid clogging, these discs can last three times longer than paper ones. Their careful construction with consistent grain eliminates the chances of rogue scratches forming during this step. For best results always clean the area before and after abrading the area with a U-POL degreaser.


Suitable for all paint systems, U-POL’s comprehensive compound range includes quick cutting and fine finishing compounds, final glaze and a high gloss wax protector. Carefully designed and tested by bodyshops, these 100 per cent shop-safe products have a delicate balance of ingredients to ensure super fast results in eliminating surface defects, avoid creation of swirls/halos to produce a high gloss finish.


U-POL offers a fine range of foam mops and polishing accessories to provide a hassle-free easy application and deliver an immaculate surface totally free of residue, every time. The soft micro-fibre polishing cloth has gentle fibres that is perfect for use with U-POL polishes whilst preventing scratching and is washable too.