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UK government to adopt EU type approval regulations

The UK government is set to introduce new type approval regulations based on those developed by the EU, following Brexit.

Its decision follows a 28-day consultation period, to which the Department of Transport (DfT) received 25 responses.

The transition period ends on December 31, 2020. After this, law on vehicle type approval will no longer have direct effect in, although it will still apply in Northern Ireland.

Initially the type approval scheme will be based on the scheme because the (Withdrawal) Act 2018 converts Regulations on type approval into Retained legislation on January 1, 2021.

Manufacturers who are not already in possession of whole vehicle approvals will need to apply to before January 1, 2021, providing details of their type approval, and they will be issued with what is being termed a ‘provisional’ type approval by.

Northern Ireland will essentially continue to follow law, and manufacturers will need either an type approval from the EU-27 approval authority or an approval from known as a UK(NI) approval, which must conform to all applicable standards in the same way as an approval.

Civil penalties can be issued for non-compliance with type approval regulations. Fines of up to £50k per offense can be issued.

Deadlines are also set for the sell-off of tyres which do not meet the requirements on wet grip, rolling resistance and rolling noise. These deadlines are 30 months after the dates specified for the last fitment of such tyres to new vehicles and last manufacture of such tyres. Sale of such a tyre was not previously an offence in the UK, but will now be an offence subject to the penalties set out in the regulations.

The regulation also contains a requirement that where new passenger vehicles (cars and buses) are fitted with a radio, that radio must be capable of receiving digital radio stations, in line with the European Electronic Communications Code. This is not part of the type approval system but simply applies to all new passenger vehicles placed on the market after December 21, 2020.