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Ultimate E –Types choose Glasurit

For some people, a motor car is simply a device that gets them from A to B. They have no interest in what it is, as long as it gets them to their destination, but show them an E-Type Jaguar and all that can change.

Jaguar E Types
Recognised by many as the most beautiful sports car ever designed, you would think that the Jaguar E-Type could not be improved upon, and they may have been right until the arrival of the Eagle E-Type and its ultimate development, the exclusive, hand built Eagle Speedster.

Owned by Henry Pearman, Eagle has been dedicated to the iconic E-Type Jaguar since 1982, where the Sussex based company specialises in bespoke ‘remanufacture level’ restoration and engineering of this exceptional car and is considered the world leader in E-Type restoration.

Eagle has a 16 strong team of dedicated and experienced craftsmen from engineers to skilled body men and designers, operating in very impressive premises, it’s no wonder more than 95% of the work is completed on site. The site includes a fully fitted, modern bodyshop headed up by Martin Leader, who was previously with the Motorcare Group, the renowned prestige and high performance car body repair specialist so naturally, Eagle use Glasurit 90 Line and 68 Line materials, thanks initially to the Glasurit Classic Car Colors programme.

Today, particularly with the high technology, but sympathetic performance and body upgrades that Eagle specialise in, Martin Leeder feels “with Glasurit, you can do so much more than with other paint brands”. The finish quality and durability, together with the world leading colour and technical support from Glasurit’s Trevor Munns meets the incredibly high standards needed to maintain Eagle’s almost legendary reputation for quality.

The wide range of substrates used in the construction of the Eagle E-Type are prepped meticulously before the application of Glasurit’s 285-270 Direct To Metal technology primer, which offers superb adhesion and corrosion protection properties, as a primer, primer filler and high build primer to ensure the perfect foundation for Glasurit top coats.

The Glasurit Classic Car Colors programme has enabled Eagle E-Types to accurately match those colours that have themselves become classics since being offered as original colours on the E-Type Jaguars of the sixties and seventies, such as Carmen Red, Primrose, Cotswold Blue and Opalescent Dark Green. Naturally, these colours are all available in Glasurit 68 Line solid colour or 90 Line waterborne basecoat and clear options as well as special order and special effects finishes, should the customer want something a little different.

Customers who are lucky enough to own an Eagle E-Type, or the sensational Speedster, have the unique ability to enjoy driving the classic E-Type, carefully upgraded to meet their own specific demands for performance with the drivability and reliability that only a bespoke engineered car can deliver.

Every Eagle E-Type is the result of at least 4,000 man hours to build, while the Speedster requires 7,000 man hours to build and every one is delivered with 500 miles on the odometer, proving that the car has been thoroughly tested in genuine road conditions from Sussex down to Devon and back.

With Eagle E-Types costing £400,000 plus, discerning customers demand only the very best and the very least they expect is flawless paintwork commensurate with “probably the best built handmade car in the world”.