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Value and location the key for customer loyalty to workshops

Value for money and location are the two most important factors influencing customer loyalty for vehicle workshops.

That’s according to a new OnePoll survey conducted among 1,000 UK car owners on behalf of leading lubricant brand Castrol. It is different here in Ireland I wonder?

The factor mentioned more than any other – by 45 per cent of motorists – is the perception that the work carried out represents ‘good value’.

However, the research also strongly indicates that motorists aren’t simply looking to save money; only 11 per cent say they would stay loyal to a workshop because it is the cheapest available.

The second most important factor impacting loyalty is location, with 42 per cent saying they would be more likely to keep using a workshop that is ‘convenient (i.e. close to home or work)’.

Significantly, almost as important as value and location are factors that relate to the capabilities and manner of workshop staff. 40 per cent would stay loyal if they believe staff are “well trained”, and 39 per cent of staff always “explain clearly the work they need to do and seek approval before carrying it out”.

In addition, over a third (39%) would keep using the same workshop if they feel the employees are “friendly”.

A significant majority (67%) are prepared to travel up to 10 miles from home to use a workshop that met the criteria that they see as being the most important. A further 21 per cent would travel up to 15 miles; only eight per cent would consider driving up to 20 miles.

The survey also highlighted factors that were less important for keeping customer loyal. Notably, only 14 per cent would be more likely to keep using the same workshop because it always offers a courtesy car.