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What drivers want before going electric

Castrol has conducted a survey that has highlighted what motorists want before they make the big switch to electric vehicles.

The ‘Accelerating the EVolution’ report found that an entry price of about €26k, a charge time of around 30 minutes and a range over 450km are the three main factors that would entice people to switch to electric.

“The automotive industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, but I believe that electric vehicles have a central role to play in powering the sector’s low-carbon recovery,” said Omer Dormen, VP, Castrol Europe. “Castrol’s research shows that individual consumers are positive about making the switch to electric, but [some] buyers expect to do so slightly later than those in other markets, and are keen to pay a bit less.

“As an industry we must focus on the factors that matter most to consumers. The three tipping points revealed in Accelerating the EVolution provide a clear roadmap for the automotive industry to help accelerate mainstream adoption of EVs.”

The majority of the some 10,000 consumers surveyed told Castrol that they would consider buying an EV by 2024, but consumers believe that it won’t be until 2030 that the majority of new cars purchased are electric.

Maintenance costs also put people off in the study, despite the fact that they tend to be lower than ICE maintenance costs over the life of the vehicle.

Mandhir Singh, CEO at Castrol said: “The automotive industry has already demonstrated what it can achieve in response to the coronavirus pandemic, turning its capabilities to producing much needed medical equipment.

“With EV technology constantly improving, the challenge now will be to drive a low-carbon recovery and accelerate the EVolution as quickly as possible.

“Castrol has been working with the automotive industry to develop unique e-Fluid technology to support EVs, from battery coolant e-fluid, e-greases and transmission fluids.

“Bringing down the cost and charge time for electric vehicles while increasing range, infrastructure and vehicle choice will be critical to persuading consumers to make the switch.”

The Castrol range of lubricants is distributed in Ireland by Walsh Lubricants, who can be contacted on 021 4889814.