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Windscreen adhesives go the extra mile for safety

Teroson already a trusted name in vehicle repair and maintenance,  has revealed its rejuvenated, polyurethane product range for windscreen bonding – one of the most comprehensive on the market.

With the launch of its Teroson Bond range of windscreen adhesives, Henkel has not only made it easier to do an excellent job but also taken safety to the next level. The company has harnessed its experience across the automotive industry to create a windscreen adhesives range that meets the needs of all aftermarket stakeholders; vehicle repair & maintenance bodyshops, glass fitters and aftermarket product distributors alike.

The resultant Teroson Bond range comprises products, already approved by OEMs and DEKRA tested, that have been continuously developed in line with the latest windscreen technology including the rising demands of ADAS calibration. The Teroson Bond range has therefore been enhanced to optimise the process of fitting screens by glass fitter specialists and to support driver-assistance technology with low conductive adhesives.

With its new product, Teroson Bond 120, Henkel additionally closes the gap with a solid performer that delivers a two-hour safe drive-away time (SDAT).

Safety first

The Teroson Bond range has been subjected to higher-standard crash tests than any other windscreen bonding adhesives on the market. Naturally, these polyurethane structural adhesives conform to the industry performance standard, FMVSS 212/208, which tests for windscreen retention in a 100 per cent frontal impact at 30mph. But this range goes further.

Henkel also conducts its own Henkel Crash Test Standard against common urban crash scenarios with less overlap and at higher speed; 40mph, 40 percent overlap. The torsional stress put on the vehicle body in this test, by comparison with conventional testing, is far greater, pushing the safety standard beyond the status quo.

These combined credentials provide an extra layer of confidence for the aftermarket and its customers and gives the industry a unique offering with significant commercial advantage.

The full works

Teroson Bond is a complete windscreen bonding system comprising seven polyurethane, structural adhesives and a complementary range of re-designed auxiliary products including an all-in-one primer, a cleaner, an activator, application gun and other equipment.

Two of the seven adhesives are formulated specifically for the glass fitting market and the remaining five, including the new Teroson Bond 120, are dedicated to the needs of the independent aftermarket.

The Teroson Bond windscreen adhesives are either one- or two-component polyurethanes. The one-component products are moisture curing, while the two-component adhesives offer accelerated cure in all weather conditions and great handling especially for heavy windscreens.

Collectively they ensure the right adhesive is available for every job. This is important as the bond not only improves the torsional stiffness of the vehicle by up to 40 percent but also provides impact resistance to protect passengers and safeguard effective airbag opening.

To ensure users of Teroson Bond get the very best outcome from the range, Henkel is supporting this launch with the introduction of on-line application training. For more information go to the new dedicated windscreen bonding portal at