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Wiper blades – know when it’s time to replace!

Denso has issued a guide to Wiper Blade inspection and replacement for safer, clearer driving vision.

Replacement advice
How often should a Wiper Blade be replaced?
As a rule windscreen Wiper Blades should be replaced at least once per year.

Why replace?
Wiper Blades eventually deteriorate with use, producing a streaky or uneven finish on the windscreen. To ensure a clear, safe field of vision even in bad weather, it is important to ensure the Wiper Blades are regularly checked and replaced as soon as deterioration is seen.

Replacement Signs
These are the four main signs of Wiper Blade deterioration that are visible on the windscreen glass. These symptoms will help you determine when a Wiper Blade needs changing.

Symptom: Narrow streaks are left on the windshield.
Cause: Foreign matter has attached itself to the rubber blade, or the edge of the blade is worn.
Remedy: First, clean the edge of the blade. If streaks still appear, replace the Wiper Blade.

Symptom: Wiper Blade jumps and makes a lot of noise.
Cause: The Wiper Blade does not move smoothly across the windshield, but vibrates noisily and bounces.
Remedy: First, clean the windshield; then check the angle. If jumping persists, replace the Wiper Blade.

Unwiped Spots
Symptom: Wiper Blade leaves one or more unwiped spots.
Cause: Rubber deformation
Remedy: Replace Wiper Blade

Uneven blade pressure
Symptom: Wiper Blade does not contact the windshield surface evenly, leaving a large unwiped surface.
Cause: Out of shape Wiper Blade arm
Remedy: Replace Wiper Blade

Denso’s Wiper Blade offering

  • Superior, OEM quality replacement Flat, Standard, Rear and Hybrid Wiper Blades
  • Highly consolidated programme comprising 100 part numbers covering 1,400 applications – providing 93% Asian & 85% EU vehicle coverage
  • Over 700 applications (including Ford Fiesta V, Hyundai Getz, Landrover Freelander 1, Mazda 6 (GG,GY), Nissan Micra (K12), Peugeot 307, Renault Clio II, Toyota Avensis II, Toyota Yaris and Opel/Vauxhall Corsa) are included on Hybrid Wiper Blade retrofit list – launched January 2012 – offering superb opportunities for service specialists, garages & wholesalers.
  • Curved, pre-shaped and spoiler-type blades with bayonet, hook and twin-screw installation systems
  • Unique multi-clip fitting system, ensuring compatibility with most European car models