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Woodford set to unveil new diagnostics software

Woodford Diagnostics poised to launch, new and innovative vehicle technical assistance software, Diagnostic Assistance Version 12, which has been specifically designed technicians in the workshop.

WoodfordThe software has three main sections:

Fundamentals – provides just in time learning by explaining a variety of automotive systems.

Guided Diagnostics – provides test reference information, test tips, DTC look-up, pre-test information, failure modes, comparative test data, MasterTechTM Notes and ‘how to’ advice.

Library – provides a reference of known good oscilloscope waveforms and scan tool data. For Technicians, By Technicians

Technical Software Supporting Technicians

The complex nature of the modern motor vehicle means making a quick and accurate diagnosis is more difficult than ever.

Diagnostic Assistance is packed full of information to help mechanics and technicians to solve vehicle problems. It contains information, test routines, advice and guidance and successful workshop repair test notes. Unique to Diagnostic Assistance, the authors are practicing motor vehicle technicians.

Developed to help technicians and garages, Diagnostic Assistance provides up-to-date information on the latest components, systems and test methods.

It covers both Petrol and Diesel engines and has a section on Hybrid vehicles. There are interactive links to Diagnostic Trouble Codes, test and measurement information and oscilloscope waveforms. Master Technician Notes are included on each component test. These have been written and designed to help to technicians make a right-first-time diagnosis.

The software has been designed specifically to make accessing the information easy. Select a fuel type, select a componet and the information you need to make and informed decision is on screen.

Make, save and recall your own notes.

The in-built search means that finding information is very quick. ‘Favourites’ enable a customisable list to be created.