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Workshops must have wheel alignment – PJ Fallon & Son

Workshop equipment specialists, PJ Fallon & Son is advising all workshops that “wheel alignment” is a “must have” service.

Mondolfo FerroIf you sell tyres in your business, a Wheel Aligner  is now a must have piece of equipment for the following reasons:

* Customers are looking for value for money. Expensive tyres fitted on non-aligned wheels are a waste and the customer will blame you, when they wear out prematurely.

* Customers know about wheel alignment and they expect you to have the equipment.

* The NCT checks for wheel alignment and your customers have to have their wheels aligned properly for the test.

*Customers want peace of mind – knowing they have good tyres, well aligned.

* The Wheel Aligner is not an expense. It is an Asset that you cannot be without.

* It is a very easy “add on” sale

* Customers will have their wheels alligned more often than they will replace their tyres. You get to see them more often and you build loyalty.

*People will refer you easier – your customers will do the selling for you.

* It can generate money for you as you work on other jobs.

Let’s do the Maths

Mondolfo Ferro Trigon Novo – 3D – Investment €8,000

Repayment over 3 years

@ 10% APR – €258 Per Month

Sell 5 Full Alignments Per Week = Profit of €825 Per Month.

Sell 10 Full Alignments Per Week = Profit of €1908 Per Month.

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