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Yuasa launches an online fitting system and configuration tool

Yuasa has launched an online fitting system and configuration tool to support its recently announced YBX range of automotive batteries including the AGM (absorbed glass mat) and EFB (enhanced flooded battery) types for modern Start Stop vehicles.

The online fitting system – – provides a comprehensive layer of support to ensure that workshops have access to all the correct fitting procedures associated with these modern batteries. It also removes the possibility of incorrect specification batteries being fitted.

Technicians can simply enter the vehicle registration number online and the system provides battery types, capacity, location on vehicle, estimated fitting time and location of OBD (on-board diagnostics) socket if appropriate. This is complemented by full OE level step-by-step fitting instructions that can be printed for convenience. Garages can additionally use the online fitting system to help with customer quotations and telephone enquiries.


While battery replacement was once a fairly straightforward fit-and-forget task for a workshop or even by the vehicle owner, modern day vehicle electrical systems have made electronic intervention necessary and this is where the new Yu-Fit configuration tool comes in.

Take, for example, a BMW 3 series with efficient dynamics. The vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) incorporates a battery management system (BMS) which controls the way the battery is charged and the level to which the battery can be discharged before recharging commences. As the battery ages and its characteristics change, the BMS modifies the way it manages the battery to suit. When a new battery is fitted, this needs to be registered with the ECU to let it know that it can revert to “new battery” management parameters instead of those of the battery being replaced.

Although many independent garages will already have diagnostic equipment available that can perform this function, it is not necessarily the best use of a centrally important piece of kit to have it tied up on a relatively straightforward task if it can be put to better use on other jobs.

Once the battery fitment is complete, the Yuasa Yu-Fit tool – powered by the OBD socket – takes just a few minutes to reset the ECU and clear any associated fault codes. It is designed to be a simple tool to use so that battery fitment can be undertaken competently even by less experienced technicians.

Yuasa’s latest automotive battery range includes YBX7000 Start Stop EFB and YBX9000 Start Stop AGM models that are deigned for use in modern Start Stop vehicles.
The YBX7000 EFB range includes 11 references – five European DIN and six Japanese JIS sized. Designed for low specification Start Stop vehicles such as Ford Focus, Vauxhall Insignia and Fiat 500, the YBX7000 EFB range features sealed lid (leak/spill proof tip/tilt) integrated pressure relief valve (PRV) and flame arrestor and carbon/lithium plate additives. These additives lead to a 180% increased cyclic durability and 27% improved charge acceptance compared to conventional flooded batteries.

The YBX9000 AGM range includes six references designed for high specification Start Stop vehicles such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW. Features include absorbed glass mat construction, sealed lid (leak/spill proof), VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) and integrated flame arrestor.

Both YBX7000 and YBX9000 battery ranges offer OEM specifications and unique QR codes on the battery label link to online technical data sheets.

Yuasa YBX automotive batteries also meet new EUROBAT labelling legislation directing that battery labels must accurately reflect a CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) and Ah (Ampere hour) rating. Now, for every reference, 100% of a supplier’s batteries must deliver the stated performance on the label within a 10% tolerance in a move designed to combat unscrupulous importers/manufacturers that persistently over-rate the label specification.

In addition to the new automotive batteries and online fitting system, Yuasa also offers a wide range of additional products and services including Yuasa chargers for consumers and workshops, the ProSpec semi-traction range of batteries, new point-of-sale materials and new promotional materials including Honda Yuasa Racing clothing and a brand new Yuasa website with QR code links on every battery. These resources are all complemented by Yuasa’s industry-leading paper catalogues/application guides for cars and light vans, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

All YBX automotive batteries from Yuasa now feature Calcium/Calcium technology with the YBX3000 and YBX5000 also benefitting from a “Tip/Tilt Double Lid” that reduces water loss by 30% and passes the German VDA vehicle roll over test for acid leakage (VDA/TL82506/GS95001). The CV (commercial vehicle) range has also been increased from two to three categories with higher specifications and cyclic performance. The Yuasa product range also features auxiliary automotive, garden machinery, motorcycle, deep-cycle, industrial and lithium-ion batteries.

As would be expected from one of the world’s largest suppliers of Original Equipment (OE) batteries to the global automotive manufacturing industry, all aftermarket batteries carrying the Yuasa brand are manufactured to the same exacting standards as those supplied for OE use.