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Yuasa warns workshops might be fitting wrong batteries to vehicles

Yuasa has highlighted the risks of using general battery lookup systems to find replacement vehicle batteries. The battery brand, manufactured by GS Yuasa, is recommending workshops refer to its industry leading online trade lookup tool to avoid serious issues caused by incorrect application.

Battery replacement is no longer a simple task. Fitting the wrong one to a vehicle can lead to damaging consequences, usually resulting in breakdown and a very short battery service life.

Modern day vehicles are ever more complex.  Most new models use next generation start-stop technology and are produced with a vast array of specification options. Many will have additional auxiliary batteries to accompany the main starter unit. Although there are many different lookup systems accessible to workshops most cannot account for these multiple variables.

First launched in 2012, Yuasa’s trade battery lookup website is the original and most comprehensive solution available. It accounts for all these different factors. That is why it’s the most accurate, trusted and well used system in the industry.

When searching on most other battery lookup systems, the results can show multiple and dissimilar choices for a vehicle. Users can be presented with an array of different specifications with no obvious correct suggestion, causing uncertainty. These confusing results may lead to doubt and incorrect batteries being fitted, resulting in complications and premature failure.

With, users are guaranteed to find the exact battery on every occasion, helping technicians save valuable time and money, whilst boosting their own customer service and reputation.

This is primarily due to GS Yuasa’s unrivalled database which is updated daily by dedicated technicians. Furthermore, the manufacturer works with garages to obtain feedback on inaccuracies in the data. Together this makes by far the most accurate lookup tool in the industry.

James Douglas, marketing and product manager at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK said: “There are many ways to find the right battery, but none are as accurate as ours. Since its launch in 2012, we’ve helped over 350,000 mechanics and technicians all over the country save time and money by finding over three million batteries.

“Our online trade battery lookup has by far the most comprehensive database in the industry with over 100,000 unique vehicle models listed. We urge all garages, distributors, technicians and mechanics to proactively use our lookup system to prevent unnecessary battery related failure due to the wrong battery being fitted.

“Finding the right battery is just the start though, once correctly found, users can download detailed information. Data such as, battery location on the vehicle, accurate fitting times and location of OBD (on-board diagnostics) if appropriate. This is complemented by full OE level step-by-step fitting instructions that can be printed for convenience. Garages can additionally use the online fitting system to help with customer quotations and other enquiries.”

Yuasa’s powerful system is extremely user friendly and ultra-fast. The system is completely free to use and can be accessed online at or simply by pushing a Yuasa USB Smart Button.